If you wish to learn the Danish Language and pass Danish Language Examinations as fast as possible, you are on the right platform.

Listen to a presentation of this platform from your virtual teachers; Joey and Mads.

This platform is a fast track training material to assist English speaking foreigners in and out of  Denmark, to learn or improve on their proficiency in the language as well as to prepare and pass the Danish Language Exams  ( Prøve i Dansk) levels two and three and other similar Danish Language Exams,  through a well structured fast track procedure.

This training material is in general appropriate to learn the Danish Language at all levels.

However, the focus in this platform for sample Examination Exercises is for the Danish PD3 Examination. Other Examination practice Exercises may also be included for PD2 Examination as well as for FVU2,  FVU3, and FVU4.

If you have the will, this intuitive Online Learning Application will be the way for you.
This application is tailored to prepare you specifically for the exams, using a strategy that will let you prepare in the fastest way possible.

Through the application:

  •  You will be able to learn from home, on the way, wherever or whenever, at your own convenience.
  • You will be able to have group learning and practice through Zoom Meetings.
  • Explanations are all in English and Danish when necessary,  saving you the pain of understanding the Danish language used for explanations in other Danish Language training programmes.
  • You will have modern reading, writing, listening, and speaking aids.
  • You will have the possibility to practice on tasks similar to the real written exam.
  • You will have explanations on what is actually required from you to pass the exam.
  • You will have practice on tasks similar to the oral exams.
  • You will get regular updates to the language learning process.
  • You will enjoy and have fun learning Danish as well as socially network with others preparing for a similar Exam.
  • You will have the possibility to have a discount price for our boot camp pre-examination revision sessions etc.

It is possible to take part in the PD2 and PD3 exams as an independent candidate twice a year; May- June sessions and November-December sessions. The deadlines to register as independent candidates for the exams are usually 10 weeks to the exam start dates. It costs just 1389 Kroner

When registrations are open, you can register for the exam through any Language School closest to you.

See a list of Language Schools in Denmark, here: http://dedanskesprogcentre.dk/en/find-language-centre/

“Yes, you can” pass during any future session of the exam. It does not matter if you are at a lower level in a language school or you have little or no knowledge of Danish.

The cost is minimal compared to the benefits.
If you pass the language exam PD2 OR PD3 then:

  • Your Permanent residence will be closer than you ever imagined.
  • You may be one step closer to your Danish citizenship.
  • No more daily struggle between a language school and work, for two years or more.’
  • You will increase your chances of finding a good job for which knowledge of Danish is relevant.
  • If you a foreign qualified Medical Doctor or Degree Nurse, you can move one step closer to getting the authorisation to practice in Denmark.

Apart from Medical Doctors and nurses who need a pass of 7 AND 7 in the written Examination and 10 for the oral examination, all you need to pass is a cumulative average of 2 in the Danish 7-point scale grading system.

Even if you do not pass during your first try, the experience will be worthwhile for the future.


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Take note: By selecting any word or sentence in Danish in our platform you can listen to the pronunciation in Danish.
The equivalent translation of relevant words or sentences from English to Danish is found in the texts on the website.


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