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This Facebook group created by www.facebook.com/LearnDanishFastrack  page is reserved for individuals with current subscriptions for the self-paced and group learning online platform to learn and pass Danish Language Examinations; especially PD2 and PD3. The learning online platform is available at   http://www.teststrainingonline.net/.

By joining this group, you give your consent to the terms described below.

This group is limited to those with free trial subscriptions and paid subscriptions to the online Learning platform.

 Free trial subscriptions are for those who  have opted for the volunteer trial periods of the platform which will be just two online Zoom Meeting  sessions and limited free access to the specific topics in the platform during the two trial periods.

The first trial period will be for subscriptions related to revision for PD2/PD3 Exams in November/December 2020 and the second trial period will be for those subscribed   to the trial related to the complete study programme  for  the  PD2/PD3 Exams for May/June 2021.

For those with trial subscriptions, membership to this group will be limited to the to the trial periods to which they are subscribed, if after the trial periods they do not subscribe for a paid subscription.

For those with paid subscriptions membership to this group will be limited to the valid periods of their subscriptions.

Complete self-paced learning material will be made available on the e-learning platform at http://www.teststrainingonline.net/ as well as some audio lessons from virtual lecturers. Also available on the platform are relevant practice material and exercises relevant for PD2/PD3 Exams.

This materials will be updated from time to time.

The learning process will include online group learning sessions where some of the participants may have to do presentations on the topics for the session and other participants will be expected to have discussions on the said topic. The online sessions will be moderated by a Moderator provided by http://www.teststrainingonline.net/

Subscribers for PD2 and PD3, will follow the same online lectures on the platform and Zoom Meeting sessions   apart from each respective  Exam revision exercises which will be separate.

Our service under the paid subscriptions do not normally provide access to a physical Danish Language teacher so that we can  be able to afford the low prices for our services. Any arrangements to have the services of a physical Danish Language teacher will be based on a separate agreement.

All the recorded online lectures will be available to those with valid paid subscriptions to the platform.

Some of the online group learning sessions for the trial and paid subscriptions may be made available to the public through any multi-media platform and social networks.

Most of the group communications will be through this Facebook Page Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/learnfordanishlanguageexams and learning materials will be on the e-learning platform at http://www.teststrainingonline.net/ , while online group learning sessions will be through https://zoom.us/ .

We expect each subscribed member to create a free account with https://zoom.us/  for online Zoom Meeting group learning purposes.

We undertake to respect your privacy and to use your personal information, only for purposes related the online learning process.

You are welcome and Goodluck with your upcoming exams.

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