Introduction to Danish Grammar

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Grammar is very important for every language because it determines the structure of the language. Once you have a good mastery of the Grammar in any language, the rest of the learning process will be dependent on the extent of the oral and written practice of the Language.

According to our fast track approach to learn Danish, the mastery of Danish Grammar is our first priority. We believe mastery of the Danish Grammar in theoretical form, from the very beginning of this course, will facilitate the understanding of the complexities of the Language, as you proceed through the learning process.

In the beginning, the goal for the lessons in Danish Grammar is not so much focused on the mastery of Danish vocabulary nor oral and written communication in Danish. The most important aspect, in the beginning, should be to have a mastery of the numerous rules applicable to Danish Grammar.

Once you acquire a mastery of the grammatical rules, then oral and written communication as well as the rest of the training process provided for in this course, will be much easier.