VERBS (verber)

A verb deals with an action, or a condition. This means that a verb describes a situation in which a subject does something, or in which something happens.

Hun spiser. She eats.
Drengen spiser mad. The boy eats food.

Danish verbs remain unchanged for all persons in a particular tense (Past, present future, etc. remain the same for each respective tense though endings change in the different tenses).

Conjugation of verbs for the different persons in the present tense.
Person Present singular Present plural
1st. person Jeg spiser vi spiser
2nd. person Du spiser I spiser
3rd. person han/hun/den/det spiser de spiser

The most important forms of verbs in Danish are: imperative ( imperativ), infinitive (infinitiv), present tense (nutid), past tense (datid), present perfect ( før nutid) , past perfect (før datid).

These forms are described in the tables in the next three topics.