Adverbs describe the way in which something happens.

Adverbs describe verbs (verbs), adjectives (adjective), other adverbs, or entire sentences.

Adverbs can indicate an idea on what one says, for example, jeg kan desværre ikke rejse (Unfortunately I can not travel ).

Adverbs describe the way something happens. Adverbs can be used to say some things about the place , time, way, degree, and reason to answer questions about.

The table below describes the situation above.

What the Adverb deals with Situation example Example adverb used in a situation
Place where (hvor) We can play here (vi kan spille her.)
Time when  (hvornår) He comes later (Han kommer senere).
Why why (hvorfor) Per is injured. Therefore will not come

(Per bliver skadet. Derfor kommer han ikke.)

Degree how much (hvor meget) , how many (hvor mange) . It is very expensive (Det er meget dyrt)
Way hvordan (how) He plays football well (Han spiller godt fodbold).

Adverbs can be useful to facilitate the understanding of the context in a situation using adverbs like maybe (måske) for example Jeg rejser måske (I will travel maybe) . or  ikke (not) ,for example jeg rejser ikke ( I am not traveling).