Nouns (Substantiver)

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What is a noun ?

–          A living thing. For example; a man (en  mand)

–          A thing. For example; a table (et  bord)

–          A concept. For example;  feeling (følelse), development (udvikling) or

–          A name. For example;  Ali , Aisha        

Every noun has its basic form (Grundform), which is its shortest form. For example house (hus), dreng (boy), bil (car). This can also be described as the dictionary form of the word.

 A noun can  be singular ( ental) (For example a car (en bil))  or plural (flertal) (For example cars (biler))  

A noun can  be in indefinite form  ( ubestemt) (For example a car (en bil))  or definite form  (bestemt ) (The car (bilen))  

A noun can  be in indefinite singular form  ( Ental ubestemt ) (For example a car (en bil))  or  singular definite form  (Ental bestemt ) (The car (bilen))  

A noun can also  be in indefinite plural  form  ( Flertal  ubestemt ) (For example cars (biler))  or definite plural  form  (Flertal  bestemt ) (The cars (bilerne))  

A noun can be in genitive form ( genitiv) ( For example: Per’s car (Pers bil))  . The genitive is used when you want to specify an ownership or affiliation. An s is usually added at the end of the word in genitive form. Unlike in English, there is no apostrophe before the s.