Prepositions (Præpositioner )

A Preposition tells us about the relation between places, things, persons and times, and forms part of fixed phrases.

The following words are prepositions:

I (in)

På (on)

Til (to)

Fra (from)

Over (over)

Under (under)

Ved (through )

For (for)


Om (about)


Af (by)

Ad (by)


Gennem (through)

Mod (against)

Bag (behind)

Foran (foran)

Forbi (past)


Imod (against)

Inden (before)

Mellem (between)

Omkring (around)

Uden (without )


The preposition describes where things or persons are in relation to a specific place. Prepositions can also give an indication as to the direction in which  things or persons move.

Noglen  ligger i min lomme. The key is in my pocket .
Noglen ligger bordet. The key is on the table.
Han bor hos sin bror. He lives with his brother.
Han rejste til København. He travelled to Copenhagen.

Prepositions can also be used  to  describe a specific point in time or a period.

Klokken er ti minutter over ti. The time is ten minutes past ten.
Om søndagen går jeg altid  i kirke.. On Saturdays I always go to church.
Jeg har boet i København i 6 år. I have lived in Copenhagen for 6 years.