Conversation Assignment 1

Topic Progress:

Write the conversation below in Danish. Write and read your Danish version of the text and use your smartphone or tablet to record your version of the text in Danish so that it can be shared.

With a PC and microphone, you can use for recording and then you can download recorded version to your computer, ready for sharing.

You can also use and share the link of your audio.
A sample version of the conversation in Danish is available.

A)Do you speak Danish?
B) Just a little.
A) What’s your name?
B) My name is …
A) Nice to meet you!
B) You’re very friendly !
A) Where are you from?
B) I come from……… I am ……..(your citizenship)
A) Where do you live?
B) I live in……..
A) What do you do for a living?
B) I work as…….. I like Danish but it is a very difficult language.
A) Ok, I will teach you to speak Danish.
B) I will be very grateful.
Have a nice day.
A) Same to you.



Compare your version of the discussion with the one below.

(Select EACH SENTENCE OR WORD to listen to it in Danish. (listening function does not work on smart devices ))

A) Taler du dansk?
B) Kun en smule.
A) Hvad er dit navn?
B) Mit navn er…
A) Hyggeligt at møde dig
B) Du er meget venlig!
A) Hvor kommer du fra?
B) Jeg kommer fra ……… Jeg er ……. (dit statsborgerskab)
A) Hvor bor du?
B) Jeg bor i ……….
A) Hvad arbejder du som?
B) Jeg arbejder som……… Jeg kan lide dansk men det er et meget svært sprog.
A) Ok, jeg vil lære dig at tale dansk.
B) Jeg vil være meget taknemmelig.
Hav en god dag.
C) I lige måde.