Irregular adjectives PD2


  • A general rule for Danish spelling says that ending after syllable with short vowel causes doubling of the consonant: en grøn Tuborg, to grønne Tuborg.
  • Adjectives ending with an -e do not take endings: Et lille (-) hus, to levende (-) fugle.
  • Adjectives ending on a stressed vowel take -t, but not -e: Et blåt øje, de blå(-) øjne.
  • Adjectives ending on -en, -el, -er loose a syllable before -e ending: en gammel so/den gam(-)le so; lækker kage/de læk(-)re kager.
  • Adjectives ending on -et do not take -t, the -e ending is written -ede: Et stribet(-) tørklæde/de stribede tørklæder.
  • Adjectives ending on -t already do not take -e: en kort tid, et kort(-) liv, but to korte tog.
  • Adjectives ending on -sk do not take -e : et historisk øjeblik.

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