Topic Progress:

Written part

– Reading comprehension (læseforståelse) 1 hour 30 minutes.

– Written presentation ( skriftlig fremstilling) 1 hour 30 minutes.

Sub Part  1( Del-prøve 1)

Reading Comprehension (læseforståelse) :

Basis: Checking Texts with questions and informational texts (eg advertisements).

Number of question: 12

Focus and type of task: Reading quickly and find factual information and significant details.

Short-answer and multiple-matching.

Sub Part  2 ( Del-prøve 2)  

Reading Comprehension (læseforståelse):


More informative and narrative texts with questions.

Number of Questions: 18

Focus and task type:

Read carefully and understand the message context, detail and attitudes.

Multiple-choice, multiple-matching and filling.

Overall text length: approx. 11 pages, excluding any postings texts.

skriftlig fremstilling

he  written presentation (skriftlig fremstilling)


The purpose of the task is to assess the candidate’s  ability to express themselves in different types of written inquiries. The examination is based on written presentation as a functional skill, and tasks is therefore based on matching items of everyday needs.

The basis for the task:

It includes two parts: Sub part 1(Delprøve 1)  and Sub part 2 (Delprøve 1).

Sub part 1(Delprøve 1) :


Consists of two tasks, 1A and 1B, which test the participant must choose one to answer.

Candidate  must write a formal letter. The starting point is a situation and some focus points, and specifying a recipient. There is no requirement for the length of the letter.

Sub part 2(Delprøve 2):

Consists of one task. candidates must write an informal e-mail or the like. The starting point is a situation and an excerpt of a text, and specify a recipient. The answer must be a minimum of 100 words.


The test participant is expected to be able to

provide factual information, including a description and present and express opinions and influences.

Express themselves adapted to the situation and relatively coherent in an understandable language with a degree of complexity and correctness.

Task Types:

Candidate must write a brief, formal submission (eg a message, notice, request, an ad, notice about a lost item).

an informal e-mail about everyday routines and experiences (which, for example may include greetings, congratulations, invitations, etc.).

Exam duration :